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A 501.c3 Non-Profit Agency

Your destiny will be determined by your...Next Steps!!!
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  Is this happening to someone you know?
It could be happening to YOU!!

A National Study indicates that, "every 7
to 9 seconds a woman is beaten in this

Our endeavor is to educate, equip and
empower  those whom we serve, which
will ultimately lead to confidence,
self-respect and self-sufficiency.

Recognizing that the need is greater than
the available resources, this program was
designed specifically for women and teen
girls with the express purpose of
bringing awareness and thus, breaking  
the, "cycle of abuse."

Domestic Violence affects women from
every social, racial and economic group.

Domestic violence doesn't just happen-- it
is caused. The question is why?  

The Answer: The drive to exercise

We proudly present to you...Next Steps,
Inc., a program which focuses on
empowerment through Inner Healing.  
We look to address the causal effect of
domestic violence, as well as the

Next Steps, Inc., a non-profit 501 (C ) 3  
agency, was created to provide personal
and group counseling to women in the
Metropolitan Detroit area who are
struggling to overcome the negative
impact of domestic violence in addition
to substance abuse which (in many
instances)can be a by-product of domestic

We strive to address the community's need
for healthy, productive women who are
the primary caregivers to children. Next
Steps, Inc. provides services that are
inclusive of intervention, support
groups, individual counseling,
workshops and seminars.

We also provide a warm, friendly
environment with facilitators whose
focus is your well-being.

You will feel relaxed and at home, while
we make every effort to address your

We are committed to providing
outstanding quality service to all those it
an honor to serve you!!!

Designed to Make a Difference!!
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As a deterrent, under the auspices of
our,"The Real Deal" program,we are also
targeting teen girls  in an attempt to
strengthen their resistance to peer

Issues such as teen dating violence,  
smoking, drinking, drug abuse, teen  
pregnancies and sexually transmitted
diseases continue to be a major concern
in our society.

Next Steps, Inc. also subscribes that low
self- esteem is one of the primary causes
of victimization. Fear and low self-esteem
keeps victims imprisoned by their

Children are also affected by the violence
the victim endures.

Studies show that in many instances,
the perpetrator deliberately abuses  
the woman while the children watch...

Therefore, we challenge you to take
Next Steps towards healing in
your life.

Some of the Areas We Address Are:

  •  Exploring Characteristics in
Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships       

  •  Assessing our personal values in  
selecting a mate                                   

  •  Choices in Relationship
(core longings)

  •  Learning how childhood affects  

  •  Coping Skills

  •  Letting Go of Fear

Other Areas Include:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Personal Accountability
  • Forgiveness
  • Anger Management                            

We Also Feature:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Videos  
  • Role Play  
  • Rap Sessions
  • And Much More

"Let the Healing Begin!!!"


   Domestic Violence is Nothing to  Play with!!

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Results are not typical, as we recognize that we cannot reach everyone.  However, we will do everything we can
to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.
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