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Next Steps, Inc. Presents:
     Our Teen Girls Program

The REAL DEAL - A 16 Week Awareness  

For Girls: Ages 13-20  From 3:45 - 5:45 p.m.

Specific issues addressed include:

•     Teen Dating Violence Awareness and  
Support Services
•     Saying
No to Peer Pressure
•     Abstinence/Birth Control
•     Addressing Values                         
•     Self-Esteem
•     Much More

"If We Can Catch em, We Can Keep Em."

It' s hard being a teen-age girl these days.  Every teen girl
wants to be accepted and to belong.  Sometimes that need to
be a part of the crowd can be overwhelming.  However, the   
price they pay in an effort to be a part of the "crowd" is one
that can carry extreme consequences.

Smoking, drinking, drug abuse, teen pregnancies and
sexually transmitted diseases are issues by which teens
are continually confronted.  Studies show that many  of
the negative decisions teens make are directly governed
by their peers.  Under the auspices of our "THE REAL DEAL"   
program, we are targeting teen girls to strengthen their  
resistance to peer pressure.

In addition, teen dating violence has risen to epidemic  
proportions. In a professional but "straight talk," setting,
our facilitators attack the potential snares that youth face.
We challenge our participants to "stand up," and take an  
alternate route for their lives.

Many teens who surrender to peer pressure have low self-
esteem. This program will deal with principles that will    
address issues such as:

1. Identifying issues such as “who am I”? What defines me
and make me unique from every one else. Identity
produces a sense of self in addition to one’s individuality.

2.  Self -Appreciation- learning how to think favorably of,
hold in high regard, to enjoy, and to gratefully recognize
and value self;

3.   Self -Acceptance- Believing in oneself, and receiving
oneself favorably and with satisfaction.

You've only got a short time to be a kid, but you have
the  rest of  your life to be an adult.... so, enjoy your

"Cause" once it's gone,  you  can't get it back!!!

A Few Important Teen Girl Facts:

1.   Among women, teen girls are at highest risk of being  
victims of violent crimes.

2.   Most rapes and sexual assaults are committed against
young teen-aged girls. The highest incidence of rape
occurs among older adolescents.

3.   About 1 in 4 teenage girls in the United  States - and  
 half of black girls - have at least one sexually
transmitted disease, according  to a recently released   
study, providing the first national snapshot of infection
rates among this age group.

4.   Teen girls are beginning to smoke at younger ages. Most    
smokers begin tobacco use between the 6th and 9th grades.

5.   20.5% of teen girls ages 12 to 17 report that they have ever  
used an illicit drug; 16.0% report using an illicit drug in  
the past year and 9.5%  report using in the past month.

6.  Teen girls are significantly more likely to report  
symptoms of depression than boys.

7.   Teen girls are at highest risk for contracting sexually    
transmitted diseases because they are more likely than
older women to have multiple sex partners, to have high-
risk partners, and to engage in unprotected intercourse.
Differences in their bodies, particularly in the
reproductive tract tissues, may also make them more  
susceptible to infections like HIV.

           You've got enough issues to deal with.  
                             No need to add more!!!

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Teen Testimonials:

What Our Participants Are
Saying ....

The Real Deal is what's
happening. They tell it like it
is.  That's what's up."

J.T. Detroit, age 16

"They really  help us, I can get
with that."

A. W.  Detroit  age 16

"I was looking for something  
to  do  that would keep me
from  getting bored.  They
make you feel at home."               

B. J.  Highland Park, age 15

"Ms. Shawnte is really a cool  
person. I like her cause she
keeps it real."

B. O. Detroit, age 17

"They go out of their way to  
help people."

M.K.  Detroit, age 19

"At first I didn't  think I  
would like them, but  they  
seem to know just how I feel."

T. S. Detroit, age 14

"I'm not going to let no man    
hit on me."

P. P.  Detroit, age,  19

Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating violence, like
adult domestic violence, is a
pattern of coercive,
manipulative behavior  
that one partner uses over the
other for the purpose of
establishing and maintaining
power and control.

This behavior may take
different forms such as:
emotional abuse, physical
abuse, sexual abuse,
limiting independence,
isolation, threats,  
intimidation, harassment,
minimization, denial and

Usually repeated incidents of   
physical violence make
someone realize she is abused.
But, the meaning and impact of
physical violence can only be
understood in the context of
other controlling tactics.

36.4% of teenage girls and
37.1% of boys   reported
receiving some form of
physical aggression from
dating partners at least once.
Girls reported that their
boyfriends initiated the
violence 70% of the time, while
boys reported that their
girlfriends were the initiators  
only 27% of the time.

Approximately 43% of teen
dating violence victims
reported that the dating abuse
they experienced occurred in a
school building or on
school grounds.

Note:  Females between the ages
of  16  and 24 experience the  
highest rates of domestic  

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