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So...You made a mistake?  
       Life doesn't have to be  over!!

 31% of young women (U.S.) become pregnant
 at least once before they reach the age of 20.   
 81% of them are unmarried teens.

 Studies show that *1/4 of teenage mothers
 have a second baby within 2 years of giving  
 birth to their first.

"Second Chances" (Teen Mother's Program)
                  To Age 21

  Yes, you can make it!! Set new goals for
  yourself and for your  child, enhance your   
  parenting skills, address "issues," and meet  
  other teen parents in a comfortable and
  friendly atmosphere.

 Next Steps, Inc.,  "Second Chances" offers a
 16-week program which includes:

  •        Dating Violence Awareness
  •        Repeat  Pregnancy Prevention
  •        Parenting Classes
  •        Teen Parent Support Groups
  •        Abstinence/Birth Control
  •        Budgeting Skills
  •        Stress Management
  •        And much more...

       LIFE AIN'T OVER!!

Hold your head up girl...
You've Got "Second Chances!!"
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Teen Parent Facts

95% of teen pregnancies are  
unintended, and nearly one-third
end in abortion.

1/3 pregnant teens receive
inadequate prenatal care; babies
born to young mothers are more
likely to be of low birth weight.

1/4 of teenage mothers have a  
second baby within 2 years of
giving birth to their first.

Of the total number of teen   
pregnancies, approximately
half occur with eighteen or

Many pregnant teens too often  
have poor eating habits, and
may smoke, drink alcohol and
take drugs, thus increasing the  
risk that their babies will be
born with health problems.

Infant mortality rates and  
infant abuse (especially
shaken baby syndrome) are
much higher among teen

Of the top ten disciplinary  
problems confronting public
school teachers, pregnancy is

One in three mothers drop out
of high school. Teens may not  
have developed stress of raising  
an infant.

Pregnancy and parenting are  
cited as major reasons females
drop out of school.
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Results are not typical, as we
recognize that we cannot reach
everyone.  However,  we will do
everything we can to make a   
positive impact in the lives of
those we serve.

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