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  Women's Testimonials:
What Our Clients Are Saying:

I feel like I can tell them

 K.C.,  Detroit, Age 58

"I don't usually talk to people, but
it's easy to talk to Ms. Lewis.  She
really listens and makes you feel
like there is hope."

D.S.  Detroit, Age 34

"The staff of Next Steps are really
nice people.  They are funny, nice
and professional, all at the same

J.T, Detroit, Age 46

"Since coming to Next Steps, I feel
so much better about my life. They
you feel like you can make  

T.N.  Detroit, Age 51
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A Fe

A Few Facts on Domestic Violence:

General Statistics

Over one third (38%) of women  
who had ever had a partner
experienced some type of physical

At least two studies indicate the
occurrence of regular and repeated
violence between spouses in ten to
twenty percent of all marriages
and one incident of physical
battery occurs in fifty percent of
all marriages.

In 2006, 28 percent of all female
homicide victims were murdered
at the hand of their boyfriend or
spouse. Today, that number has
risen to 33%.

Fifty-percent of all homeless
women and children in this  
country are fleeing domestic  
Medical Statistics

Every year, domestic violence  
results in almost 100 days of
30,000 emergency department
visits and nearly 40,000 visits to a  

Between 15 to 25 percent of
pregnant women are battered by  
their boyfriends or husbands.

Medical expenses from domestic
violence total at least 3 to 5 billion
dollars annually.  Businesses lose
an additional $100 million in lost
wages, sick leave, absenteeism and  

Domestic violence is the primary
cause of injury to women, resulting
in more injuries to women than
auto accidents, muggings and rapes

In one particular study, eighty-
five percent of children witnessing
domestic violence admitted to a
problem with alcohol abuse as
early as nine years old.

Seventy-five percent of boys who  
witness the abuse of their mother
exhibit demonstrable behavioral

Aftermath of Domestic Violence
on Children

recognize that we cannot reach
everyone.  However, we will do
everything we can to make a
positive impact in the lives  
of those we serve.
You know he's no good for you, but he's been
in your life for such a long time.  How can you  
break free?   

            Whoever said change was easy?    

             Next Steps, Inc.  presents:

                 "CHANGING DIRECTIONS"     

We Provide The Following Services For Women:

In many instances, victims of domestic violence do
not  follow through with prosecution
independently.  However, when there is an advocate
in place, many are committed to the successful
prosecution of batterers, as long as victim’s safety is
not compromised.

mployer and creditor intercession.
We also offer to act as a liaison with employers in
order to minimize the victim-employee's loss of
employment, pay and other benefits while
prosecution procedures are taking place. Likewise,
when domestic violence subjects the victim to serious
financial strain; we offer to advocate with creditors
for consideration in managing the victim's financial

     Inner Healing Circle (support groups):  
It has been proven that recovery and healing is  
more effective when there is a support system  
in place.

Individual Counseling:
Focused individual counseling is available in the areas of
post-traumatic stress, anger management, letting go of fear,
and much more.

Individuals learn by doing.  Therefore, we also provide engaging
activities that will challenge those we serve to look "inward" for the
source of outward change.

Our Program Objectives (not limited to the following):

Core Needs: Individuals need to determine if there are  
insufficiencies in behavior precipitated from unmet needs
(i.e., lack of love, attention, security).

Objective: Clients will learn basic skills of how to confront  
and deal with negative conditions. Promotes behavioral

Need: Self Esteem: Belief in oneself, self- respect.

Objective:  Clients will learn the importance of quality self-
acceptance and self love.  Promotes changes in feeling and

Need: Accountability: Being responsible for one's own
actions or inactions.

Objective: Client will learn commitments necessary for
facilitating adjustments by recognizing they possess within
themselves the power to change. Promotes behavioral and
attitudinal changes.

We, at Next Steps, Inc.,  recognize  that most all change
is difficult;
even when the change is in our best  

"Changing Directions"  Women's Inner Healing
    and Empowerment Program is designed
               for Ages 21 and Above:  
We strive to maintain an atmosphere of safety.  
        Therefore... seating is limited.

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