The Mission of Next Steps, Inc.
           is to bring about
wholeness and well-being in the
 lives of women and teen girls     
  through inner healing.

                                 Our History:

Next Steps, Inc. was founded in 2003 to educate,  equip and empower women and
teen  girls  with the necessary tools for changing behaviors that lead to issues such as  
toxic relationships, low self-esteem and poor decision making.

Studies show that trauma incurred from issues such as domestic violence, drug
abuse, low self-esteem and anger do not end immediately after an individual is
removed from the condition.

Many organizations promote  and operate under the guise of a “microwave” recovery
and as a result, patterns of regression and relapse continue to occur. While it is true
that we live in a fast paced society;  the reality is
there is no such thing as a quick

As creatures of habit, individuals tend to resist change unless it is perceived as
being a non-threatening change. Restoration of any kind occurs over a process of
time.  After the first step, there are always
Next Steps to be taken.

Next Steps, Inc., subscribes to the premise that permanent change is a gradual
process, which involves nurturing the inner-self and building character and
wholeness through psychological, emotional and self-awareness.

                          Our Goals:

  •     The overall foundational goal is to address core issues.  Adverse behavior is
        generally precipitated by unmet needs that tend to barricade healthy growth
        and development.

  •     The desired results of the program is to see clients feeling good about themselves  
  •     with  a sense of accomplishment and not falling back into the snare of domestic  
  •     violence, drug abuse, or other unhealthy behaviors.

  •     To address basic physical needs of participants (i.e. food, clothing, shelter).  
        Providing for participant's basic needs is vital to their overall success in the

                   Our Philosophy:  

The principle interest of Next Steps, Inc., is commitment to serving our
clients; therefore, we strive for excellence in:

  •        Personal Accountability.
  •        Responsibility to others, as well as to self.
  •        Meeting individuals where they are without judgment or criticism.
  •            Understanding and empathy during the difficult stages of change; and
  •        Walking together with our clients through the process.


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